i’m [i]nside the house

I live with 9 other people in a duplex in Silverlake.  4 guys and 1 gal on my side, 4 girls and 1 guy on the other side.  Two great cats.  Out of respect for my roommates and duplexers’ privacy, I won’t write candidly about my life at this amazing house.  (Admittedly, this non-disclosure may be out of my insidious respect for my own privacy.)  However, I will write that this image is tagged autobiographical, which is mostly an after thought.  I began this drawing intending for it to fit with my “people trapped in household items” series.  It can be two things.


  1. So much to see in this blog, but didn’t see an about page for general comments – so picked this uncommented space – like a first footprint in the snow!
    Thanks for following me, and thereby showing me you and your lovely work. One of the frustrations of WP is you see so much good stuff and there just isn’t time to look at all of it. Your site is like that (which is a good thing!) But I shall see your future posts if not all your past 🙂
    Your house sounds fantastic!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment and peruse my blog! The “Disclosure” link at the top of the page can give you some more background on my work, if you’re interested!

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