The land in the background should be a bit darker, and I should have included some trees somewhere, but I figure this is a start for the prompt, “draw a mythical creature,” which is day 3 of my 30 day drawing challenge.  Now that’s a long sentence.  I also need to work on using the colored pencils more consistently when I shade.


  1. ‘Lornataur’ …nice 😀
    Bit of hard work doing all of that in one day in pencil though… Hope your fingers can cope with 30 days of it: I take my hat of to you!

  2. It’s turning into more of a 30 prompt thing than a 30 day thing… Maybe because of my fingers. Thanks for the support!

  3. The Lorna part is casually waving, but the Taur part is frantically trying to figure out where to land its front legs

    And yeah that’s a burly amount to fill with colored pencils, and in layers!

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