Bernie Lomax

I know the script and soundtrack to Weekend at Bernie’s like I know my favorite songs. My brother and I revisit the movie frequently. We notice new details and quote old ones.  Recently we figured out that most of the movie is dubbed.   This explains how seamlessly the background music fits in with the soundtrack fits in with the dialogue.  This is especially evident in one of the final scenes when the opera song turns into a suspenseful thwarting of Paulie.  The prompt for today’s challenge was to draw a character from my favorite movie. I’m not good about having favorites, but this movie is definitely up there. I thought about drawing myself as Bernie, but I’ll save that for another time.




  1. HAHA awesome. An episode of “Regular Show” (if you don’t know it you seriously need to learn of it, quick) recently did a spoof of Weekend at Bernies’, it was awesome. CLassic movie, nice drawing.

  2. “Yeah yeah yeah so where’s your house?”

    “On the point, top o’ the dune. Those two little schmucks are on the six o’clock ferry and I still need to plant the note. Look, Paulie, don’t kill them while I’m arou…”

    “Bernie, we’re on the phone here!!”

    “You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

    (probably slightly paraphrased)

    Anyway, this Bernie drawing is DEAD on!!! Heh

    And as a Weekend at Bernie’s aficionado myself (if I am using that word correctly), I will also be checking out that Regular Show spoof!! THanks, Deep Fried Neil!

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