Standard Pool Party

A month or so ago Sarah and I went to a pool party at The Standard downtown.  Whenever I’m with Sarah, we get into places like that for free.  This was no exception.  We drank (expensive) champagne (that we did have to pay for) and enjoyed the sun.  At the time, I was working on the SAT Word Search drawing, so I chilled on our blanket and (sexily) hunched over my notebook, making a puzzle out of words.  Sarah sprawled out on the oversized ottoman we snagged and read Adbusters.  Rhea showed up later, looking lovely as always.  After we worked the dance floor (and Sarah blew some minds) we hopped in the car and headed toward North Hollywood in order to begin our next adventure.  That night we eventually ended up at Bootie LA at the Echoplex, and then landed at Rafa’s Lounge.

As far as the art goes: I outlined Sarah’s face too much or with too thick a pen.  I used too thin a pen to outline Rhea’s face, so it almost looks like a normal photo.  ‘Tis all a part of the learning process.

I like the Waking Life feeling of these.


  1. I don’t know much about comics, but your style seems quite different from the usual stuff. So if you had a storyline, you could make something really original.

  2. Yes, totally a Waking Life feeling to those!! How did you make those?

    And I’ve been to that hotel! (but just on some random day when there was no party going on or anything)

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