Opus X at The Thirsty Crow in Silverlake

I saw Opus X perform at The Thirsty Crow on Sunday.  The happy hour audience pulsed their bodies and sweated and swayed together.  The bartenders twirled around in their island.

Opus X is:

Jerry Sandoval – vocals, guitar (absolutely insane talent and clarity of execution)

Martin Sandoval – bass

Rafael Noriega – drums


  1. I really like this one!!

    The snare and tom drum look like melting ice cream cakes. Mmmm…melting ice cream cakes

    And great guitars!!!

  2. Does your choice of colors reflect whether it is a daytime or nighttime event? This one makes me think daytime (maybe because it’s hot right now, and the colors look hot). Like it.

  3. Hey girl,
    This Rafael Noriega, the drummer… We don’t have the pleasure to know each other but I love this paint… I was wondering if I can have a digital copy of it (I actually don’t know if there’s a hard copy) to send to my family and to use in the website I’m building for my self. I’ll be more than happy to mention you and to follow any rules you want to set for the usage of it… Thanks..

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