[i] see clouds in the clouds

I feel like J Alfred Prufrock when I wonder if I’ve said the right thing and I lean out of windows in my shirt sleeves watching cats and crawling smoke.  When there are no cats or crawling smoke I can still make out their shapes in the clouds.

Image Text:

I see clouds in the clouds.


  1. That black bar a third up from the bottom detracts a bit. What if you broke it up a bit as well with different tones and hues? And maybe not use black, but a dark prussian blue? What do you think?

  2. I see what you mean. At the very least it should have a white line at the top of it like the other bars. I like the idea of a prussian blue! Thank you!

  3. I agree about the middle bar. Without a line on top and solid black like that seems to split the image in two.

    Great clouds though! Or, clouds within clouds (within clouds).

    And yeah “prussian blue” is a cool color name. I will now google image “prussian blue.”

  4. Ahhh!!! It turns out “Prussian Blue” is a cool shade of blue but also something else that is seriously horrible in every way!!! Seriously.

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