Lima, Hotel

I enjoyed the time we spent inside of hotels.  Of course these times would be less amusing if we hadn’t explored beyond their walls.  Hotel time was a place for us to process our walks around the cities.  We could pack and unpack, our clothing and souvenirs reminding us of where we’d been, what we’d seen, and how far we’d come and had to go.

This drawing is based on a memory from San Isidro (a district in Lima) at our first hotel.  We only stayed there a night before we flew to Cusco.  We returned to Lima eight days later, but stayed in Miraflores, about 15 minutes away.  On our final day in Lima (and Peru) we took a taxi back to our San Isidro hotel because we had left something there.  The taxi ride (10 soles) was a flashback to when we had first arrived.  We remembered our first night in Peru, how excited we were.  With the retrospect of our travel, everything was familiar, and we could better understand how much time has to do with travel.  How the first days in a new place are merely and essential previews to a deeper understanding of something (of travel, of place, of time, of culture).  We felt wiser on that ride, as though we then knew something that 8 days earlier we did not.


  1. You are extremely talented… definitely something to work towards and a great source of inspiration!

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