Lake Titikaka, Puno

We took a boat ride to the Islands of Uros on a warm morning in Puno.  About every decade, the people of Uros make their islands out of reeds.  The island we visited housed four families.  After the head of the families gave an entertaining and educational presentation about the Uros culture and the construction of the islands, he took us on a reed canoe ride to the local elementary school.  Also a floating island.  The boat had two canoes on the bottom and a deck on top.  We sat on the deck, the lake in every direction.  The water glowed a brilliant blue and the air was crisp.  This is a drawing of my view, looking down at the family leader (on the right) from the deck of the canoe.

The drawing below gives you some idea of my process.  Here the lines are all the same opacity, and I put them on a gray background so both the light and dark lines are visible.  In the final version (above), I change the opacity of the line layers and add additional layers of solid and transparent color over, in between, and under the lines.


  1. I’m trying to figure out what you have done above… and I’m not sure I completely understand, but I am intrigued! That’s good enough for me.

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