Carved Cactus, Miraflores

Lima is a silver city.  The sky is a bright, dark gray.  We took a walk to the beach, not knowing how to get there, but assuming we’d find a way.  We crossed a freeway, hopping in between cars like video game characters: Americans in Peru, Females on a Freeway, Frogger.  Once we made it to the coast, we found large birds and large bird poop, dark rocks, and expensive tourist restaurants.  One after another.  There was a jail somewhere in the middle.  We walked through Baranco, the art’s district and saw lovely paintings on walls.  On the cliffs, we found cacti with the names of lovers carved into them.  I wonder if the engraved names disappear as the cacti’s wounds heal.

Below, you can get a better idea of the different layers of lines that go into the final image.


  1. you have a dual voice going on here – both words and pictures. I love your wit, but worry about you crossing freeways and dodging large bird poop…

  2. When the lovers names fade so does their love for each other. Moral of the story: lovers should chisel their names in rocks

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