Countless Thousands

I saw Countless Thousands at The Airliner.  It was an 18 and over night, so the crowd was young and weighted down with patches and safety pins.  Although the venue’s sound system was a bit of a challenge, Countless Thousands’ 3 musicians played an amazing rock show!  Their music has fun with timing in a way that kept me on my toes.  Their lyrics tell stories.  The band gave away CDs, stickers, and smiles.  Seriously, they just seemed excited to be there (which is the name of their CD).

I couldn’t figure out how to get the colors and layers of this image just right.  I’m starting to prefer drawing more organic and abstract shapes over drawing people.  Maybe I should approach the lines of people as though they’re the lines of something else, and then still be able to communicate the human form while also maintaining the illusion of movement more evident in my drawings of the less concrete.


  1. Hi Lorna, really like your image making, so fresh and inspirational. Good luck with all future works.

  2. Very nice approaches. I think #1 is a favourite, but #3 I like because it could be a gateway to something way different from the original portrayal. It seems to suggest audience participation, it makes me think of in camera session, perhaps a color could be reintroduced, love this kind of work.

  3. …playing their hit song “Floating Bassist”

    All four versions of this one are incredible!

  4. Cool was just the word that I think fits this picture. So you alter your photographs – very cool. I think I could do that, but I can see that it takes an extreme amount of time to do so.

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