Juliaca, Peru

We took a bus tour from Cuzco to Puno.  We saw lots of old rocks from afar and up close.  Some of them were arranged into magnificent structures.  We passed through Juliaca before we reached our final destination.  The tour guide had a thick accent, so when he explained the economy of Juliaca, he said either women sell gasoline on the black market, or women and gasoline are sold on the black market there.  The tour guide told us that since the main economic activity in Juliaca is the black market, there are no tax dollars to go to infrastructure.  At least I think that’s what he said.  Although the tour guide didn’t mention them, I’m sure Juliaca has some beauty, some fun.  I saw a dinosaur themed children’s park.

After our visit in Puno, we went back to Juliaca (the closest airport) in order to fly to Lima.  We showed up to the airport three hours before our flight, as the airline/airport website advises.  There was no need since we had the first flight of the day.  We sat in a large room, the one gate of the airport, for three hours.  I got a bit stir crazy.  The room filled slowly.  I saw and eavesdropped on a very sunburned group of tourists from Ireland.  I watched happy kids play with each other to pass the time.  I tried to read.  I tried to write postcards.  I listened to a song from a musical about lovers in New York.

The drawing below is based on a photo I took during our first drive through Juliaca.  A mural of Whiney the Pooh, a happy doctor and child, and a kind tiger fills the grooves of a wall lining the streets.  A woman pushes a fruit cart.  Two kids sit inside a wheel barrel.  The road is dirt.  The buildings are unfinished.  The sky is ominous.


  1. glad you’re back. I was missing your posts. I love the story of the airport, then the image of the street–and the juxtaposition of the children’s murals with the dark sky is quite lovely.

  2. I really like the 1st illustration (the Winnie-the-Pooh details are awesome !) and your way of expressing emotions. Thank you very much for following my blog ! Artistic wishes from Marseille, France.

  3. I’m loving your interpretations from photos. I close my eyes and see all that is around to experience in the area you are in, that is if you can breathe!

  4. Women, gasoline, and boot-leg copies of “Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 16” are sold on the black market in Peru. I saw a documentary about that once.

    Also nice wall drawings!

  5. So nice. I am envious that you can turn photographs into art work. This is really wonderful work. I look forward to following and seeing more of your work. I actually stopped by just to say thanks for following my blog. So excuse me while I check out a few more on my first trip here.

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