Affordable Art Propaganda

I’m a part of an affordable art show this weekend in Silver Lake.  You should come!  I’ve created a hopefully more than generic “about the artist” document.  Although I plan to make a few copies of this, cut it in half, and have the different versions available for people to pick up (and hopefully pin to their ideas or things-to-follow-up-with boards), I also like the two “about”s put together.  It reveals the mass production and commercialism of it all.  Which isn’t the main idea of the event… though I have found myself promoting the event and (obviously) my art because of it.  And dealing with the numbers.  Who am I fooling?  The flyer for the event is also below.  It’s going to be grand, rain or shine.

about lorna  two columnsAffordable Art Show This Weekend


  1. I like your “about” cards. Like business cards almost, but with a bit of your art on them. Should leave an impression – people will remember you. I really like the picture on the left one with the fiery colours and typography.
    The art show sounds interesting, but alas, I cannot come along, for I do not live in LA, nor even America, in fact I live on the other side of the world, little NZ, still enjoying reading your blog though, and your fabulous art. I hope you have a good time and make some money!! Best wishes 🙂

  2. Gosh, I’d really like to see your show, but alas like the last poster, I am so far away in snowy British Columbia. But I know it will be great and you and those that attend will have fun..

  3. I’d absolutely love do a drawing for you! The price would depend on the size and the content of the image. For an 8″x10″ on card stock it’d be around $20. Wait! Was that question a prank? I’ll check out your war.

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