Sunset Ship

A few weeks ago, while on an evening stroll, I had a gorgeous view of the sunset.  I was walking away from it however, and buildings and parking lots obstructed my view.  This image is cool, though, because the way the colorful light of the sunset reflected on the tar and shadows of the parking lot created a sort of maritime image.  One of the shapes on the ground turned into a little boat.

I’m not too happy with my choice of line color in this drawing.  I do like how the oranges of the sky mirror the oranges of the ground, but some of it got a bit messy.  These are my 16″x20″ images of the sunset made from layers of line drawings on top of the photo (below) made in Photoshop (3oo dpi).

sunset ship 16x20 small

The drawing below has fewer lines and definition.  I like its simplicity.

sunset ship 16x20 small simple

The drawing below includes most of the lines I used to create the final images.

sunset ship 16x20 small line drawingThe photo below is what I drew on top of.  I don’t think I successfully captured the gorgeous clouds at the bottom, but I had to find a stopping place.

sunset ship photo to show


  1. I’ve just started looking at your work, since you visited my site a few days ago. What interesting stuff. Because I’ve been doing some similar work using ArtStudio on an iPad, I’m wondering if you’ve been creating your images with a computer or an iPad.

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