Family Holiday Card

I created the image for my family holiday card/newsletter.  It’s a pretty dark image, but I tried to bring out some color variations in the background plants.  I added more details to the faces and arms, so you can get a better idea of what we look like.  My brother and I are always featured on my family’s holiday cards, and I think people like to see how we’ve grown up over the years.  The card is 4″x6″ at 350 dpi, which is soooo small but high quality.

xmas card small

The image below includes a lot of the line drawings that went into the final product.  I drew the plants in black to give them a graphic, cartoon quality.  I drew my brother and I in white, so we would stand from the background.  Also, dark lines on people’s faces can often look odd.

xmas card small line drawing

The image below is the background layer of the final image.

xmas card small background

And the photo:

photo (4)

What do you think?

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