Fish Eye in the Sky

Oh how I do love drawing clouds!  And trees!  And silhouettes!  This is the sky over Long Beach.  I figured it was LA at first (when I was looking through source images on my phone) but with closer inspection I realized that the trees are too straight to be LA trees, and those sticks at the bottom are the tops of the sails of ships.  I took the original photo when I was visiting my family in Seal Beach.  I suppose the sky is pretty all over.

fish eye in the sky 16x20 small

The line drawing below is actually much simpler than the one used to guide the colors/create the shapes in the final image.  I started drawing and filling as I went instead of keeping the layers separate (Photoshop talk).

fish eye in the sky 16x20 small line drawing

photo 3


  1. Lorna, thank you for dropping by Gwichyaa Zhee. What interesting work you do. If I ever get the time, I want to learn more Ps technique like you are doing.

  2. Cool! Thanks for stopping by! I try to explain my process in my posts, so keep checking in and asking questions and hopefully you’ll learn what you want to know!

  3. This is really striking, I love the palette in this one.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by and following my blog – I’ve enjoyed poking around here, too. You’re doing something different… Be well~

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