Blake in the Backyard

This is another adventure in explicit mixed-media.  The more I reveal of the photo, the less I draw.  I’m realizing that the less I draw, the less control I have of the overall effect of the image.  I take most of the photographs I use in my art, and I prefer to make those initial decisions (though I did enjoying drawing Delacroix) as far as source material/documentation.  Sometimes I like to stay true to to the original images.  Line drawings enable me to change the reality of  photographed images in many ways.  For example, if I were to add more drawing to this image, I would: get rid of the ash tray in the bottom right hand corner; separate and blend the fence and tree to create depth and conflict; emphasize the difference in the dark and light greens of the tree; find negative space/shapes in the branches to add complexity; and change the color of the book so it doesn’t blend in with Blake’s dress so much.

“shoulda coulda woulda” -Tobias Funke

[The above is over edited because I’ve been writing more lately -lorna 12/13/12]

I’m just playing around right now, so this works as an experiment.  I dove that butterfly chair.

blake in the backyard cropped 16x20 small blake in the backyard cropped 16x20 small outline blake in the backyard cropped 16x20 small black background photo 2 (1)


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