Windows is a story told through windows, screens and frames.  I created a version of this for the Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project 2013.  I rushed through that version because I started late.  I had decided on the concept and brainstormed and outlined, but I didn’t get to the actual drawing part until 48 hours before the deadline.  I liked the idea, though, so I made this digital version.  I haven’t finished it, yet.  The drawings get more detailed as the story progresses, probably because I got the hang of what I was doing.  I’ve been obsessing over this for the past few days.  So many Photoshop layers!  I plan to fix everything up and then print it as a little book.  What do you think?  Where can I improve?

page 1_2 color page 3_4 color

sketchbook 5_6 color sketchbook 7_8 sketchbook 9_10 color sketchbook 11_12 sketchbook 13_14 sketchbook 15_16 sketchbook 17_18 sketchbook 19_20 sketchbook 21_22 sketchbook b23_24 sketchbook c25_26 sketchbook d27_28 sketchbook e29_30


  1. Interesting. Had to ‘read’ it a couple of times to understand the story. I think you may be onto something new. I like it. 🙂

  2. Looks interesting, is there going to be any words? What’s happening in the park scene where there are two trees and something on the ground, and is the figure with a long scarf part of a conflict? Conflicts are always helpful in stories. I like your graphic quality, color and scenes in shapes, especially the last two.

  3. I really like your drawings of people–they are simple but not caricatures and they have great expressions

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I love your note on conflict! I think that’s the biggest flaw in this story. My brother suggested that this could be an establishing first chapter for something longer. I could integrate words, but I need to think about how I could narrate this story without making it too cheesy (as it is already quite harmless). I appreciate your feedback!

    As far as your question about the park scene–
    I was going to draw some people in the park, and someone laying on that blanket on the trees. This is a working draft, so I decided to publish it online before I added such clarifying details.

  5. Clever clever clever clever clever clever clever clever idea!!!!!!!!!

    I want to see what comes next in the narrative!!!!!!!!!

    Solid tar pits mammoth!!! Legit plane wing POV!!!

    Who needs words when there are so many windows through which to view a story?

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