Two women in a hotel bathroom in Las Vegas

This is another dark image, though I find that fitting of Las Vegas.  Three years ago we drove from Santa Ana to the city of sin.  We played the penny slots, looked up at tall glowing buildings, and lost ourselves, but not each other, under a permanent blue sky.  We also took photos and used the bathroom (as evident below).

I like drawing mirrors.  This is the final 16″x20″ though I may brighten up the ladies’ faces.  I hope the purples and the tone of this image isn’t romantic.  I’d prefer it to be a bit unsettling and mysterious.
two women in a las vegas bathroom 16x20 second for web

Although the image below is meant to show the process, I actually created it after the fact.  I think it gives a sense of the layers.

two women in a las vegas bathroom 16x20 second web process

Most of the line drawing is below.  I forgot to copy the lamp layer before I added color.

two women in a las vegas bathroom 16x20 web line drawing

I altered the original photo’s brightness/contrast and saturation to get this darker version.  I used these lines to create the shapes of the eyes.

two women in a las vegas bathroom 16x20 photo process web

The original photo (with some preliminary color correction):two women in a las vegas bathroom 16x20 web photo


  1. I find the mood a bit mysterious, in part because of their expressions, more specifically their mouths. In the original photo both women look serious and apprehensive but in the final image the woman on the left looks like she might just have heard some news from the other woman who appears to be smiling.

  2. You really have a eye for putting the finger on the dramatic side of daily life in our society. The urge to play and playing for money is for me reflected in the chosen colours the colour of coins.

  3. Las Vegas maybe “The City of Sin” but they take 5 times more money in Macau. The casinos there are vile, but what do I know I’d never been in one before 1/01/2013.

  4. At first, I wrote that Las Vegas is “the city that never sleeps,” because that felt right, but then I realized that New York is known for its restless nights and Las Vegas is better known for sin, so I changed it. I feel both descriptions fit.

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