A heart on his hand in front of his face

I’m making some Valentine’s Day cards for friends and fun.  This image could also function as a more general,  thinking-about-you-because-i love-you-and-you’re-amazing card.  It’s quite simple.  Definitely coloring book material.

This is a 20″x30″ drawing.  (My first one!)  Ironically, the actual lines only take up 7″x8″ of the space.

Here is a 5″x7″ version (for the card).

vday card dan 5x7 web

Below is the color version, line drawing, and original photo of the 20″x30″.  I’ll probably draw his body and add a surreal background.
dan 20x30 web dan 20x30 web line simple dan 20x30 web photo


  1. I am not so sure about the heart on the hand. If I look at the Original Picture iff looks for me more defending the privacy than inviting .The Idea is grant but the Image is not working for me for the purpose.Sorry

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