A heart in the hand

The creative and talented Minda Grace Ware suggested I draw this photo for my Valentine’s Day cards (after I posted a similar image).

I messed with hue/saturation and contrast/brightness for multiple layers over the photo in order to find the shapes below.  I used the coloring of the original image, though, and then altered that again with more adjustments to h/s c/b.  I discuss a bit more of the process below.

Here’s the final 20″x30″:a heart in the hand 20x30 for web

The following is the drawing without the layers of adjustments on top and without the black in the back.a heart in the hand 20x30 for web without changes I filled the different layers of the line drawing in with white so I could get a sense of the positive and negative spaces.

minda heart 20x30 for web line drawing Here are the line drawings with the layers intersecting:minda heart 20x30 for web process And Minda’s photo:minda heart 20x30 for web photo

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  1. That is amazing you really did it for me I would buy that card if I had someone to post it to,sadly enough nobody there in the moment but you never know who comes around the corner . Anyway that one is much better than the other one I really like it . You are know spot on.

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