Parking Lot Dance Party

We were waiting for something or someone in a department store parking lot on the way to Vegas.  I was in a good mood and wanted to dance.  Sarah humored me.  Sarah is nice.

This is another 20″x30″ print.  I enjoy the size upgrade from 16″x20″.  There are so many more spaces I can fill and not fill.  Better yet, my lines look more precise when I print/post a smaller version of the image.  At 100%, the tiny, weird shapes that make up the bigger, more recognizable figures, are perhaps distractedly [right word?] obvious.

I find this so entertaining while I’m drawing.  For example, in the drawing below, I put a bunch of triangles together to trick* the eye into seeing distant mountains**.

I’m going to revisit some Impressionists, Pointillists, and Surrealists to learn more about my interest in this whole one-thing-can-look-like-another idea.  I bet they mostly used paint.  humph

*I trick with the best intentions

**Well, they look like distant mountains to me.

The process:

This is the final 20″x30″ image.  I played around with color and contrast but then decided to keep the tones of the original photo.  They’re light, almost innocent, and faded.  The affect fits my memory of that moment.  It feels like a long time ago.

aparking lot dance party 20x30 for web

I messed with the original colors to try and make the image more dynamic or vibrant.  I think it gets too distorted.

parking lot dance party 20x30 for web 2

These are the layers behind the figures.  I had to make up the furthest car on the left and the plants and background on the right in order to fit the page.

parking lot dance party 20x30 for web background color

I increased the size of my pen as I moved to the foreground.  I like the effect, but I need to figure out the best way to create it.
parking lot dance party 20x30 for web background lineI used too many layers to create the figures in the foreground.  Their outlines are much darker/distracting than I wanted.
parking lot dance party 20x30 for web line drawing

Below is the original photo.  Katie, Megan, or Rhea took this bad boy.parking lot dance party photo


  1. This reminds of how the movie A scanner Darkly was rendered. I really enjoy that you put the preview sketches in this post also.

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