Open-Mic at Cafeina Galeria in Silver Lake

What I once knew as Hot Mess Vintage Boutique on Sunset Blvd. (across from Tarascos) has recently turned into a collaborative/creative space called the Stop in Spot.  The building still features clothing and accessories from Hot Mess’  time capsule wardrobe,  but now also includes an interactive apothecary (Eco Apothecary), a cafe for the serious coffee drinker, and a community gallery.  The gallery/cafe in the back (with a patio and wifi), Cafeina Galeria, hosts grass roots arts events, showcases local talent, and books artists, teachers, and musicians to fill the space with ideas and friends.

This is an 11″x14″ digital drawing of Open-Mic Night a few weeks ago.

I’ll take you through the process:

cafeina galeria 11x14 for web

The image below doesn’t have the contrast/brightness alterations that the image above has.  I made these changes in an effort to separate the layers and add depth to the overall image.

cafeina galeria 11x14 for web process

The drawing below features the shapes, lines, and layers of the background of the drawing.

cafeina galeria 11x14 for web background

I suppose the shapes below are the background to the background…

cafeina galeria 11x14 for web proc 2

And below are the fundamental shapes behind the people and plants of the final image.

I remember drawing this layer.  Everything was so simple, then.

cafeina galeria 11x14 for web back 1

Below is a compilation of most of the line drawings.  I used the smallest pen to draw the faces.  The smaller the pen, the more realistic the shapes look when they’re put together (and viewed from far away).
cafeina galeria 11x14 for web line

And the original photo (which has some smart-phone photo-editing app mediating the hell out of it because it was so dark).

cafeina galeria 11x14 for web photo


What do you think?

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