Little People

This is another flyer I designed for  The Comedy Garage‘s Thursday night shows at Rafa’s Lounge in Echo Park.

A few of the comedians in The Comedy Garage use Twitter a lot, and they wanted me to include @thecomedygarage in the flyer.  I added a few more “@” and thought it would be cool to line them up.  When I did that, the text turned into stairs.  This is PERFECT, because to get to Rafa’s you have to walk down stairs off of Sunset.  It’d be even better if the group was called The Comedy Basement. 🙂

Normally, my blog posts include images that show my process, but since this is text based and pretty simple, I’ll just catch you up quickly:

I found some source material of people walking down stairs and then gave the little figures clothes and varying skin colors.  I traced the font to make my own bubble letters.  For the 8.5″x11″ flyer I drew at 200%.  <- Of course the process included a lot of spacing issues and concept readjustment, but it’s no fun explaining those details (especially when I don’t have visual aids to include).  I liked adding personalities to my mini people, like glasses and polka dots.

I wasn’t sure which part of the flyer to use as the featured image of this post.  I chose the little people walking down the text stairs (because I think that’s really cool).  The audience at the bottom feels a bit more complete, though.  I suppose if no one reads this post I can figure that, among other things, I chose the wrong feature image.

comedy garage flyer 2 8x11 web


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