Sketchbook Project 2013: Windows

I made some revisions to the digital version of my Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project 2013.  This is a digital version not because I scanned the pages of the original 32 page sketchbook (as the Co-op will do and add to my profile on their website), but because I created a completely separate Photoshop and Publisher version.  I posted my first draft a bit ago, and I feel like it has come a long way.  I added a cover, title page, copyright information, previous publications, and back cover with information about the artist (me!) and a summary.  I also revised many of the images to include more details. I changed the text in the “friendbook” message to add some logic to the narrative.  (Initially the story involved one friend flying out to see the other for just a day and then flying back.  This made little sense, or was a story of privilege that I didn’t necessarily want to tell.)  I hope this version is more believable.

I joined the SBP because, about a year ago, I saw the traveling exhibit at iam8bit Gallery in Echo Park.  I made a collage that attempted to capture the great energy of the show.

Here’s the project:


sbp cover web skp inside cover web sbp 1-2 sbp 3-4 web sbp 5-6 web sbp 7-8 web sbp 9-10 web sbp 11-12 web sbp 13-14 web sbp 15-16 web sbp 17-18 web sbp 19-20 sbp 21-22 web sbp 23-24 web sbp 25-26 sbp 27-28 web sbp 29-30 sbp inside back cover web sbp back cover web


  1. Beaves what are ya doing Butthead? No serious now I think you are one something there . I am looking forward to se were you will take this.

  2. Love it! I’m planning to be at the Portland show this year, and I’ll check out your book. If you get a chance, look up mine under Sheri J Kennedy if you make it to the tour this year. It’s so great to see the books ‘in person’. I’ve been to the exhibit twice, once in Portland and once in Seattle, and 2013 is my third time to participate. Love the SBP, what an awesome inspiration for art.

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