Self Portrait, Map

I joined the Art House Co-op Map Project, and made this map/self portrait.  I made my own map based on one I created through esri that organized the 90026 zip code according to unemployment demographics.  I’ll take you through the process:

This is the final 20″x30″ digital drawing.  I wanted to integrate the face into the map, but the portrait may be too obvious here.  I played around with brightness/contrast and hue/saturation in order to add some depth and enhance the colors.  I also varied the lines’ opacity and color.

a self portriat map3 20x30 web

This is the map without the portrait.

self portriat map3 for web background

I spent a lot of time on different layers of lines.

self portriat map3 for web back2

My map:
self portriat map3 for web back less simple

Fewer lines:

self portriat map3 for web simole back

The portrait without some of the color adjustments that made it to the final image.

self portriat map3 for web face color The lines of the portrait.  I thought about just using these lines to make the map.

self portriat map3 for web face lines

The map I made on esri:

self portriat map3 for web esri map I doctored the above map with the outline tool on Illustrator. I used the resulting simplified map (below) as a template.  This process helped me develop my map because it clarified the main shapes.  The above map by itself was too intimidating to start drawing (though I eventually worked up to it).

self portriat map3 for web

And the photo the portrait is based on.  Again, I’m embarrassed.  self portriat map3 for web photo lorna


  1. This is beautiful. Just like everyone else mentioned, it’s fascinating to see your process and how much work and thought is put into layering all the lines and colours. It also gave me a different insight into how artists can portray themselves through their craft, which is relevant to my current course project based around self-portraits.

  2. Directions:

    Take the Eye-5 all the way to Widow’s Peak. Traffic gets a little congested near the nasal passageway.

  3. This one’s amazing!!! And I like the blue/green one of just your face too

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