Blue Sunset

It feels good to be drawing for myself again.  This one was no small feat.  I wanted the line work to be small in order to emphasize the shapes, color, and light inside the lines.  I did not plan on mirroring the image while I was working on it, but that effect is something I had wanted to do, so I figured I’d try it out.  I like it.  I’m also trying out a watermark instead of my signature at the bottom.  Is it too distracting?

I’ll take you through the process.

*After posting a 30″x40″ image (though modified for web viewing), I realized that its size made it difficult for viewing.  I created a 16″x20″ version of the same image.

paved paradise 16x20 double web

*Here’s the final 30″x40″ image.  It took me about 25 hours.

paved paradise 40x30 web reflection

Here is the 20″x30″ image (without the mirrored effect).  I used varying opacities to create the illusion of the fence.  This is a weird parking lot because it rises above the street on this back side.

paved paradise 20x30 web

Without the foreground fence:

paved paradise 20x30 web no fence

Little boxes (and other shapes):

paved paradise 20x30 web beyond

I started with the little palm trees in the very distance.  I ended with the big palm trees in the front.

paved paradise 20x30 web far back

I collaged many layers of clouds in order to emphasize the darks and lights in the sky.paved paradise 20x30 web clouds

The line drawing:paved paradise 20x30 web lines

And the photo:paved paradise 20x30 web photo


  1. “You know those blue sunsets that are like, DOUBLE blue sunsets?”


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