Lines to Shapes, Self Portrait

For this drawing, instead of seperating the colors with carefully drawn shapes, I created an almost hap hazard grid to serve as the windows to the color of the image.  Can you see a face?  I’ll explain…

This is the final 16″x20″ portrait.  I like this burnt coral.  It’s both bright and dark.  I made a version with black lines and background and white lines and background.  This one made the cut.  I added those protective watermarks again.  I’m not sure what I’m scared of.

Lines_Shapes_Self Portrait 16x20 web

I had to make a lot of decisions about which colors to use where.

Lines_Shapes_Self Portrait 16x20 web lines

Here you can see the just grid I created to separate the colors.

Lines_Shapes_Self Portrait 16x20 web just  lines

Here’s the embarrassing photograph I used as a guide.

Lines_Shapes_Self Portrait 16x20 web photo


  1. Great idea! Must have taken a long time to make all those color decisions. I love using digital techniques to create what my imagination sees.
    Congrats on your portrait.

  2. How’d you do this one? You look very cat-like when you’re mosaic-ed!

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