Tera Portrait for @downtownartwalk in LA this Thursday

Tera is a dear friend of mine.  I made this portrait of her in the style of Mona, Portrait and Lines to Shapes, Self Portrait for an all women exhibit at The Mezz (inside The Alexandria Hotel) during this week’s art walk in Downtown LA.  She will join the other two portraits I mentioned, as well as five more of my digital drawings of women.

I’ll take you through the process…

This is the final 16″x20″

tera portrait 16x20 w

I wanted the color backdrop to continue the story of the other portraits I’ve made with these lines.  As with all the portraits, I matched the color of the lines to the color of the background.

tera portrait 16x20 w lines and fill

I actually didn’t plan on including the below drawing in this process post, but as I was clicking through the layers, this combination appeared.  For the other portraits with these lines, I did not include this combination because I was getting into protecting my work and ideas and trying to keep some parts of my process mystified.  I’m still interested in that…but…this looks too cool.  Maybe this should be the final one…

tera portrait 16x20 w mixed

Just the lines:

tera portrait 16x20 w lines

And this is the original photo (with some editing)

tera portrait 16x20 w photo


  1. Wow. I like them–particularly number 4. By allowing a touch of hair and shoulder you’ve given Tara a recognizable human softness–just revealing my partiality for Cezanne over Picasso during a certain period.

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