Loitering Chairs*


There’s a store on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake where a bunch of chairs hang out.  I have a suspicion that they’re up to no good, but I can never catch them in action.

I have a basic plot outline for my chair story.  I’m having a difficult time writing from the point of view of the chair.  The chair needs a foil.  People would be the best foil, maybe someone in particular.  I can’t stop thinking of The Brave Little Toaster, though, and that’s definitely a block.

As far as the art, here, I feel like the colors got away from me and I used too many lines to define the shapes.  I’m going to try to draw more simply next time.  Also, I need to start signing my work (and retroactively)!

Image Text: Since I cannot move my legs or arms I loiter all day.  I sit and help people sit.


  1. I disagree… I like all of the lines, makes it interesting.
    So, I plan weddings and rent chairs and chair covers in alot. One of my favorite horror wedding stories is a drunk aunt of the bride pooped all over a chair cover just before salad service… I put on gloves, bagged the goods and threw the crazy drunk in a cab. I would have hated to be that chair on that day. Hopes this inspires!

  2. great caption from the chairs point of view, but I love the opening from the first person point of view as well. The first two sentences are perfect

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