[i] love that they started to swing dance* #visualart

* I originally posted this on August 2nd, 2012.  I’m deciding to repost this because I like its painted quality.  I’m unsure about my lack of details in the background, though I suppose it adds a sense of motion and focus.  I’ve since started to use fewer lines.

Here’s the original post and text:

seriously.  it’s in my top ten lists of things to start happening at a party.  i especially enjoy when i get to play  (swing dance) and i get to make mistakes but also be surprisingly good (i construct a narrative as i dance).  i love dancing.  i didn’t capitalize my “i”s.  this is just to say.

Image Text:

I walked indoors from our balcony to find Teek and Ryan figuring out some swing choreography on our house’s newly organized dance floor.   I love swing dancing.  It requires each participant to share responsibilities, just like they’re singing a duet.  I romanticize their efforts:  they have to share the embarrassment of messing up; they get to enjoy the perfection of getting each step right.

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