Eco Apothecary – Portrait of Danielle Bray and her Potions

The Stop In Station in Silver Lake is a new and developing co-op that is filled with the type of people I want know…and draw.  (Cafeina GaleriaHot Mess VintageSaint of MeEco Apothecary)  This is a portrait of Danielle Bray, the owner and mixing-mama (sexy-scientist?) of the Eco Apothecary.  I’ll take you through the process…

I added an exciting gradient behind Danielle and her bottles.

eco apothecary_yellow red_16x20_w

This following is without the gradient:

eco apothecary_white_16x20_w

I added a glow to the blue bottle in Danielle’s hands because I felt it got a bit lost in all of the other colors.  At first I struggled with how much to draw and leave out.  After I figured out how I wanted to use lines (for the bottle and face details in particular) I added the Eco Apothecary name (which is Danielle’s font).  Per request, I created a wooden frame, which was super fun to draw.  I played with emboss, shadow, and grain to create a wood feel.  I did some copy/pasting for symmetry.

I like the way it turned out!  What do you think?


  1. I really love what you did with the image! There is a new dimension of life and movement 🙂

  2. I love how you made the crescendo of bottles!!!!!!!!! Really cool effect!!!

    (I’m not sure if “crescendo” is the right word)

What do you think?

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