Sunset Pet and Supplies* – Mixed Media Fish Tanks

I went to Sunset Pet & Supplies on Monday to buy some food for my turtle.  The illuminated fish tanks in the back of the store hovered on top of each other, dream-like and sci-fi.

I changed the text so it’s not in a white box, but just in a white font straight on the image.  I think it’s less obtrusive.

*This was originally posted on July 24, 2012.  These drawings are some of my first attempts at photo + photoshop drawing = art.  To this day I have this print behind my turtle’s tank.  I originally started this blog as a way to publish the process behind my autobiographical comics.  People’s initial feedback was positive, they liked the art, but the text and the text boxes confused them and didn’t seem to fit.  I eventually stopped adding the narrative boxes (I agreed with their critiques) but subsequently I stopped writing/revising/poeticizing for every post and every image.  I still know the stories behind what I draw; I no longer spend the time articulating words to match my images.  I want to go back to my little comics.  The image/text integration needs to evolve, but I’d like to pull it off!

I’m going to take some time to repost/reflect on my drawings and process of the past.  I need to figure out what worked and works.  This should be fun.


What do you think?

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