Grande Ole Echo, Echo Park* with I See Hawks in LA

I like how the text covers parts of the image.  This is the comic booky (?) direction I want to move toward.  The font is (perhaps too) big so it’s easy to read.  (Enlarging the font is a habit I got into as a teacher.  Large text is clearer and more inviting than smaller or crowded words.)  I could have drawn two images for this article and spread out the text.  As far as the image, I wonder if a better camera would help me take clearer pictures and then draw better images with their own colors.  The colors here are the result of many manipulations and edits.  Overall this is too effect-heavy for me, though the feeling it communicates is true to the text and what happened.

Update!  I made the text a bit smaller!

And here’s the image without text!

* I originally posted this August 2, 2012.  I was obviously still figuring out text integration.  The band in this drawing – I See Hawks in LA – actually asked if they could put the drawing on their website.  That was nice.  Maybe I should draw more concerts and musicians…

What do you think?

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