Spicoli Portrait

I am enjoying the process of learning how to draw faces.  I’m often asked to draw portraits of famous people, as I mostly draw my friends…and myself.  This should be good practice.  People will be able to get a better idea of my art if the subject is a recognizable figure.

I’ll take you through the process.

Here is the final 16″x20″ drawing.  I added a yellow gradient underneath and on top of the portrait.  I like the irony of the inspirational glow.  I think it fits his expression and tilted head.

spicoli web


Here is the drawing without the gradient.spicoli web no gradient


Most of the line drawing (I added more lines when I started inking):spicoli web line


My big lines to help me find my small lines:spicoli web green lines


  1. I don’t know why, but I’m greatly amused by your choice of subjects. Perhaps it’s because Fast Times at Ridgemont High came out when I was in high school and Spicoli became something of an iconic character for us. It’s a refreshing change from all the James Deans and Marilyn Monroes most people choose. (And I knew immediately it was Spicoli.)

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