Opus X at Thirsty Crow in Silverlake*

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I saw Opus X perform at The Thirsty Crow on Sunday.  The happy hour audience pulsed their bodies and sweated and swayed together.  The bartenders twirled around in their island.

Opus X is:

Jerry Sandoval – vocals, guitar (absolutely insane talent and clarity of execution)

Martin Sandoval – bass

Rafael Noriega – drums

*Originally posted on 8/20/2012

This drawing is from the first time I saw Opus X perform.  They were INSANELY good.  This was also my first time visiting happy hour at Thirsty Crow.  I have since heard Opus X perform many, many times – they played my art show at Mornings/Nights and every Sunday, for a bit, at Rafa’s – and have returned to Thirsty Crow for happy hour as well.  It’s funny how sometimes the first time is not the last.  Opus X is now called The Magos.  They’ll play at Rafa’s on Friday, June 28th.  You should come!

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