Blake Plays Out Front #silverlake #art @cafeinagaleria

New art!  Blake, not to be confused with “Blake in the Backyard”, is a frequent performer at Cafeina Galeria’s Fireside Tales of the Silversun (you should come!).  He plays a lot of Bright Eyes covers, and I can tell he relates to the sordid stories the lyrics tell.  He played out in front of the gallery on this night.  He sat on top of chalk stars.

I’ll take you through the process…

Here is the final 16″x20″ digital drawing

blake plays out front final_web

This is a version with less opacity on the background colors:

blake plays out front faint photo_web

No background:
This took a lot of erasing…I bet there is an easier way…
blake plays out front sin background_web

The lines:
blake plays out front line_web

And my photo:blake plays out front photo_web

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