I spent the 4th of July in a pool with a slide that looked over the city of Burbank.  Not too shabby.  This is the same spot as my Flip Over Burbank drawing.  I am enjoying editing photos, though I’m not quite sure when to stop.  I keep going back and forth between layers of filters, thinking to myself, “Which of these looks cooler?”

It’s easier to decide on a final image when I have a purpose or story to tell.  If I have something I’m going for, perhaps a point of view as an artist, I[‘ll] have a better idea of when I’ve reached it.

I finally had the foresight to save images of the process of this piece.    I’ll take you through a few.  I’m interested to see if you agree with my final decision.

Here is the final 16″x20″

I like the dreary colors for such an otherwise cheery image.  Maybe things are not as they appear.  I feel a sense of impending change with this image.  [and some people on instagram validated my choice.  who am i arting for?]

jump 16x20 web

I don’t like all the yellow in this version.  It takes away from how pretty the colors of the pool are, and the details in the background get a bit lost.  Too much going on it seems.
jump 16x20 web p2

This is how I edited the photo initially.  It’s not too different from the unedited photo.  It’s just a bit brighter and clearer.  It’s not as interesting or ominous as the final version.

jump 16x20 process web


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