Fire Truck Next Door #silverlake #digitalart

I’m starting to mess around with the mixing of photo and digital drawing.  I like that it adds a confusion to the image.  There’s something to figure out.  This also lends itself to the ideas of layering and palimpsests that I enjoy exploring.

This digital art is a return to a drawing I did a bit ago.  Check out the original post and the process behind the drawing here.

I wanted to do something with fire for an upcoming art show at Cafeina Galeria in Silver Lake.  The theme is Sirius.  Although I’ve gotten criticism about black borders in my work, I appreciate how the border smudges into the image and the image flows out into the border.

Also!  It’s a square!  I haven’t made a square image before!  Fun!

Here’s the final 12″x12″ digital drawing:

fire truck next door 12x12 wf

Here is a version where I tried to connect the drawing, the photo, and the black with more internal blurring.  I felt like it looked too forced or messy.  I suppose I could have redrawn lines over the blur to give them more definition.  Noted for next time!

fire truck next door 12x12 w

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