Echo Park Lake 2 Ways #digitalart

I’m working on a series of art-tickets for Fireside Tales of the SIlver Sun, a weekly variety show at Cafeina Galeria in Silver Lake.  I created this image using two photographs of Echo Park Lake.  Both images had palm trees reflected in the lake.  I am enjoying playing with symmetry and graphic design.

This is the final 5″x7″:

tech show ticket front w

The image with the bright green is a repurposing of a photo I posted earlier.

This is how I printed the tickets.  The text faces different directions so that people get to interact with the image in order to find all of the information.  Interact –> turn it around.  It’s a start!

We sold all of the tickets for this show and didn’t find any on the ground or in the trash.  I’m encouraged…

2 per page one sided w


  1. Thanks for stopping by! We have different types of blogs, but I think a good blog is interesting and informative, which looks like what you’re doing! Nice work!

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