FEAL 2d Textile

My first FEAL experience was at Cafeina Galeria in Silver Lake a few months back.  The story began with a deep voiced narrator in a white hat, who introduced the tragic protagonist and his fatal journey to Echo Park Lake.  Although some of this rock opera’s themes are dark, the 4 player band beautifully lead the audience through an exciting 5 Act narrative.  Two dancers used every inch of the stage, and glowed by the fireside, changing from lotus flowers to lovers.

I have since seen the FEAL show 4 more times.  The music is still amazing, and the story remains mysterious and evolving.

The next FEAL performances will be on Fridays this November in Echo Park.


Feal Show Website
FEAL Facebook
Cafeina Galeria
Fireside Troupe

More details to come!

This is a 2d tapestry I made for the characters/players of the band.  It’s 12″x18″, though the great thing about a pattern is that it can grow!

feal pattern 12x18 w

Photos from the FEAL Rock Opera Ballet at Cafeina Galeria:


  1. You should do a zoomed-in pic of the mosaic so we can see what the pattern is
    (I see a horse(?) and a dude kneeling on a kneeboard(?))

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