More Bootie LA

Last year I created a surreal coloring and story book.  I used line drawings from my digital art and writing from my blog.  The goal was to engage readers in a never ending narrative of interpretation and creation (<- if you think that sentence is unclear or abstract, you should have seen the earlier versions.  i’m going to draw a flow chart…)  The coloring books include a list of verbal and visual surrealist games that encourage readers to interact with the text and make it their own.

For three exhibitions, I have been able to bring buckets of markers and put pages from the coloring book on clipboards so people can draw on them.  Check out pictures from the most recent event here.

They’re looking pretty cool.

Here, I mix the collaborative coloring with my original coloring of “Bootie LA”.  Put your mouse over the squares to learn more.

(numbers 13, 14, and 15 are from the Los Angeles Pancakes and Booze Art Show two weekends ago.)

coloring book cover for web

What is a surreal coloring and story book?

This book provides you with a collection of carefully placed lines (drawings and words) that you can color in and cover over.  The more you add, the more you’ll see.  Make new shapes with positive and negative space.  Find the familiar in the unintended.  Unintentionally discover the familiar.  Add words to the page to tell your stories.


I still have 10 coloring books left of this first printing (35 printed).  They’re $15 plus tax and shipping.  Send me an email if you’re interested or come to my next art show!


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