An #echopark rock opera ballet

The FEAL Show in Echo Park is a rock opera ballet that constructs a mythology about the Lady of the Lake, a lotus flower, and the death of a gaucho named Manuel.  A mysterious narrator, who wears sparkles on his pants and a tattooed symbol around his eye, introduces the five acts of the tragedy and the band, FEAL.  The musicians in FEAL mix their phenomenal talents together in order to tell the story with harmony and rock.  Two dancers play off the music and the venue’s space, turning their bodies into conduits of emotion.

Yes, it’s a lot of different art in one place.  In fact, the venue is an art gallery full paintings of Echo Park, the intricate drawings of William R. Brun, and more (the art changes monthly).

The performance is associated with the Fireside Troupe, a creative offspring of the talented musicians who came together at Cafeina Galeria in Silver Lake.

The FEAL Show is every Friday night in November.  Check it out.  $5

As far as my art…

I have been fascinated with symmetry and repetition lately.  I was excited when the “Eye FEAL” source image turned into the shape of an eye when I duplicated and mirrored it.  The eyes are too close together when mirrored again, but I suppose it could still look like glasses…


  1. Reminds me of the Danzig skull logo. But based on the way the people are dancing I’m sure that band did not sound like Danzig haha

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