Exquisite Corpse – Dinosaur Woman Outside

I drew this exquisite corpse with my friend Sasha in the upstairs lounge at 5 Star Bar in Downtown LA*.  Exquisite Corpse is a surrealist game that takes more than one player, a piece of paper, and something to write with. The purpose of the game is to incrementally create a complete body ( one person draws the head head, the next person draws the mid section,etc.) without looking at what the other people have drawn. We used the back of a promotional flyer that I found on the stairs and the pen I had in my hair bun.  

I folded the flyer into 4 parts and let the fun begin!  We didn’t use a timer or anything, though that’s an option.  After Sasha finished the feet, we flattened out the paper to reveal an odd looking lady.  I like that Sasha added flowers for setting.  We continued to add a few details (a bracelet, a sun, a bird/fish with a hat…

When I got home from the event I put the final product into Photoshop, traced most of the lines, and added color.

I would have prefered adding the color with Sasha in some sort of surreal fashion.  Alas, I did not have markers on me.  I plan to keep one of those pens with the multiple ink options in my bag ASAP.

I like that the skin’s color is similar to that of the sky’s.  I intentionally chose a desert color palette.  It seemed fitting (at least for the camel).

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*The event at 5 Star Bar was called Schmaqulin, which features a variety of bands and has a Wednesday night residency at the venue.  On this particular night, we enjoyed great sounds from Operator_Error, Elliot Next, Jammy and the Smack, and a few others.

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