El Joe del Rio Portrait – With River #digitalart #music

Joe is an amazing musician.  He has a unique tone to his voice that sounds like an extension of his guitar.  I first heard him play at Cafeina Galeria in Silverlake.  That was a little less than a year ago.  He became a regular musician for the Fireside Troupe, and I always look forward to seeing him play.  He has an album coming out soon.  Check out his music.

For his portrait, I wanted to present a sense of creation, simplicity, process, and progress.  Those ideas are vague…I also wanted to do something that had to do with nature and development.  I talked with Joe and his Manager about making the cover art for his new LP.  They wanted something that showcased LA but in a pre-industrialized context.  This gives a feel for that, but is only a start.  It’ll need mountains.

Here is the final 12″x12″ version of the portrait:

final 12"x12" el joe del rio
final 12″x12″ el joe del rio

I made a GIF that shows you some of the process behind the image:


And for those of you who prefer a slower glimpse:

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If you’re interested in a Lorna-eyed portrait of your own, send me an email at lornaalkana@gmail.com.

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