Axel Plays Guitar with Four Hands – Digital Drawing

I’m really enjoying portrait-land.  I took two photos of the talented Axel Manoor and used the body of one and the hands of both to create a sense of movement.  On a whim, I decided I wanted to learn how to make a GIF.  One YouTube video later, I had myself an animated Axel to share.  I always share images of the process behind my art on this blog, and I think GIFs are going to be a cool way of continuing to do so.

The GIF works particularly well because the image was already communicating movement.

Here is the final image of Axel (8″x10″)

He made it is profile picture on Facebook 🙂

Axel Filled - Without Body
Axel Filled – Without Body

Here are still images of the process

And here is the GIFaxel-plays-guitar-his-way-w

Send me an email if you’re interested in commissioning a portrait:

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  1. This is really clever! Can’t wait to see more GIFs from you, they’re perfect for your style because you always use so many layers

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