Disappearing Fish #gifart

I enjoy the blue waters and various fish inside of pet stores.  I should probably visit an actual aquarium soon.  This gif is best enjoyed to the tune, “Under Water is Where the Action is” by Kelley Stoltz.  I haven’t yet learned how to add music to my gifs without just recording my computer screen while playing a song (I have a few of those video jems on me Instagram).

Anywho, the following images show you a bit of the process.  I chopped the fish out of the original photo, and covered up where it was.  I then wiggled and distorted the fish around in the water.  It was fun!  Once I finished up with the fish, I wanted to do something more with the image, and while studying the shapes I realized there was a crab on the rocks that I had forgotten about.  I figured I’d make it do a little dance with a top hat when the fish wasn’t around.  There’s definitely a larger story that explains why the crab waits for the fish to swim away before it shows us its moves.  Someone else saw the crab as the wrap up to the fish show.Hmm


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  1. The new Castle spin-off show: “Underwater Castle”

    …the crab is totally the murderer btw

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