Some Seal Beach Photography #ocarts

I like the new parts of the sky I can make out in Seal Beach.  Its buildings take up space differently than Los Angeles’, though the clouds are lovely just the same.

I’ve been making more rorschachs recently for a few reasons: 1)i like the way they looks 2)more image for the same effort 3)helps with resizing of image 3a)specifically for Instagram posts.

If you like this art check me out on Facebook and “like” me if you want.  I update Facebook regularly and share cool art news/images once in a while.  (Full disclosure: I’d like to reach 550 likes by the end of this month.  Oh the little goals…)

lorna facebook welcome image1

1 Comment

  1. Wow you put a lot of cool stuff into one post, very much digging the nature rorschachs! And hey – Gum Grove!!

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