Symmetry and Silhouettes – from photos of my family

I started to go through old photos of my family when my dad died last month of a massive heart attack while running at the beach.  He’s not in this photo.  He may have taken it.

The photos from the 70s are my favorites.  Their colors and light emote

sil mirrored 5x5w


A process shot:silohettes 5x5w

A quick sketch I did when I just wanted to draw something in one sitting.  I ended up redrawing this image for the complete version.  The woman is my mom.sil w


A look at the process.  The light changes at the end.silohettes-10x10-w

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lorna facebook welcome image1


  1. “Mirrors on the ceiling,
    Pink champagne on ice,
    And she said, ‘We are all just prisoners here
    Of our own device.'”

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