Ghost Mom #artgif and a lil reflection

I’ve used this blog to experiment with (among other things) visual art, typography, and the integration of the two.  I discuss my art process here, as well.  Recently, I’ve decided to mix my art process images with text to create found-narratives.

This sequential art is based off a photo I found of my mom walking through a garden.  I had been looking through old family photos because when my dad died in February I took comfort in visual evidence of his amazing life.  I’d like to think he took the source photo for this.  The subject matter of the narrative definitely has him in mind.

Here is the final 20″x30″ version of “Ghost Walking in Garden” that I showed at the Pancakes and Booze show in LA earlier this month.  The text may be difficult to read here, but if you’re interested in the words, check out the art gif below.

ghost garden 85x11 pw


The digital piece incorporates both drawing and the original photo (which creates half of the fill of the plants).  I like the look of blurred edges.  They create a more painted feeling.  More fluid, less severe.  They invite the viewer to consider a continuation of the narrative.  Like there’s something incomplete and that’s okay.

Here’s the GIF.  The timing may be weird.


I made a comic version before I made the GIF.  I used the same Comic Life program I used to illustrate the Suzanne Voilquin graphic biography.

This is just a segment:  Let me know, and I’ll post it in its entirety.

UntitledAnd some process shots.  I thought the image was complete before I decided to use this piece to experiment with text integration.  I suppose all of this is process, no?

ghost mom 12x18 lorna alkana pw ghost mom w mom in hat w process

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