If I could crumple the city into a ball

I met Carl Kozlowski during my adventures with the Fireside Troupe in LA.  He’s one of the founders of Radio Titans, a podcast radio station featuring a mixture of music, talk, comedy, and story.  After a recent Kickstarter campaign the station was able to get a great studio in Downtown.

Before I moved back to Orange County I put up an art installation there called, “LA 2 Ways”.  Los Angeles.  Lorna Alkana.  Excellent. I should prob upload some sort of visual tour of the installation.  I have the photos.  We’ll see.  I need to establish a balance between online and IRL art exhibition.  It’s better IRL.  [Note: This is the first and second time I’ve used “IRL”.  I’m a true social mediator now, right?]

The following image depicts a manipulated view from the station’s recording studio.  Pretty sweet.  I love windows.  and views.  and windows with views.  I used the Fragment Application to play around with shape.  I feel like I’ve either just scratched the surface of the app’s potential, or I’ve already used the techniques I like too much to the extent that my exploration has peaked.  Quite the spot.

view from radio titans 1 lorna alkana w

I made an art GIF that explores the idea of the title of this post.  [Side note: I learned how to tween.  F-ing finally.  I def haven’t mastered it, but I’ve overcome an initial block, for sure.]

Image caption (since I’m working on text integration one way or another):
If I could crumple LA into a ball, I would. I’m mostly interested to see what it would look like once uncrumpled and what it would feel like to hold.

view-from-radio-titans-gifHere are the photos I used for the above GIF.  All are manipulated with the Fragment App.


  1. Until I ran across your blog, I had no idea what could be done using a series of .gifs. Enthralling and thank you for providing an insight into creating this effect!

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